What is Housing First?

Abode Services is a leading practitioner of Housing First - a proven way to successfully re-house people experiencing homelessness that dramatically departs from the traditional “Housing Readiness” approach.

Housing First Works

Studies have shown the power of this approach in improving the lives of people placed in housing:

  • Costs related to visits to the ER by people who are homeless reduced by 34.3%
  • Incarceration costs reduced by 76%
  • Chronic homelessness reduced by 42%

As this essay points out, "Housing First isn’t just cost-effective. It’s more effective, period." 

A “Housing Readiness” approach requires people who are homeless  to pass through a series of interventions and behavioral steps that are intended to take them to progressively more stable forms of housing.

In reality, without the foundation of stable housing, it is all too easy for vulnerable people to get stuck along the way and fail. 

We've adopted a different approach: Housing First.

Housing First recognizes that someone who's homeless doesn't need a series of hoops to jump through: they need a home. Once they have permanent housing, the services that follow are much more effective.