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Tri-Valley Housing Scholarships

Abode Services manages The Tri-Valley Housing Scholarship Program (TVHSP) in the eastern region of Alameda County. TVHSP provides housing support to low-income individuals and families that are enrolled in educational and job training programs and will secure employment at the end of that training.

Different from Linkages, TVHSP works with a community Advisory Board that reviews the viability of an applicants plan leading to self-sufficiency. Supporting documents such as transcripts, budget information, credit history and other challenges such as childcare and transportation plans are taken into consideration prior to the approval of rental subsidy. The clarity of planning, program accountability, and supportive case-management services make this program a demonstrated success.

Referrals and Interested Applicants

We welcome direct contact and referrals from anyone who thinks they may qualify for a Housing Scholarship. Referrals of potential applicants are accepted from colleges, training and apprenticeship programs, employers, and community based organizations. Interested applicants are prescreened for basic eligibility.

Those who meet the requirements are invited to apply for the Program. If you know someone you would like to refer, have him or her contact the Housing Scholarship Program staff to receive more information.

Application Selection

Program staff present potential applicants to a community based Advisory Board. These will have demonstrated a sound plan for self-sufficiency. Advisory Board members carefully review and discuss the merits of each applicant. The Housing Scholarship Program provides scholarship recipients a recommendation to local Property Owners.

Application Process

Housing Scholarship Program staff meet with each individual applicant to discuss the program. Housing Scholarship staff review career and education goals, income, credit history, need for housing, and the student's plan for financial independence once the scholarship program is completed.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must have gross household incomes less than the following income guidelines:
    • Live below the 50% median income for Alameda County or,
    • Enrolled in CalWORKs
  • Applicants must have an urgent housing need, reside in overcrowded circumstances, and experiencing financial stresses without alternative financial resources.
  • Applicants must be at least eighteen or an emancipated minor. Households with minor children will be given preferred consideration.
  • Applicants must be enrolled and in good standing in an educational or training program that will prepare them to earn the living wages of their community. Also, applicants must complete at least one full semester (within the last twelve months) prior to applying.
  • Applicants must have a realistic plan to become financially self-sufficient within twenty-four to thirty months of receiving a scholarship.
  • Applicants must currently reside, work, attend school, perform community services or have family ties in the Livermore or Pleasanton area.

Individualized Program Services

In addition to rental assistance for those who have been approved for a scholarship, we offer:

  • Links to Community Resources
  • Career Assessment Testing and Counseling
  • Job Search Preparation and Supported Searches
  • Rental Housing Resources and Supported Searches
  • Free Credit Report and Budget Planning
  • Monthly Case-Management Contact
  • Information on Affordable Housing Opportunities
  • Affordable Housing Advocacy
  • Customized Goal Planning

Rental Payments

Property Owners who lease to a Housing Scholarship student can be assured that each student has been carefully selected based on their plan to become financially independent and is working closely with Program staff. Property Owners receive on-time monthly payments directly through Abode Services, they also have direct access to Program staff for any problems and concerns they may have.

Scholarship students are responsible for their deposit payment and a portion of their income until fully employed.

Property Owners utilize their leasing agreements without rent or leasing restrictions.

Advisory Board Members

The Housing Scholarship Program thanks representatives from the following community organizations for their valuable contribution.


  • Eden Information & Referral (Chair)
  • ECHO Housing (Chair)
  • City of Pleasanton Housing/Human Services Commission
  • City of Livermore Human Services Commission
  • Las Positas Community College
  • Tri-Valley Haven
  • RHO (Southern Alameda County division)
  • CA Department of Rehabilitation
  • Consumer Resources for Independent Living (CRIL)
  • Housing Scholarship Alumnae
  • Tri-Valley One-Stop Career Center

Scholarship selection prohibits discrimination on basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender, disability, age, marital status, or children

Case Service & Program Management

Livermore Multi-Service Center
3311 Pacific Ave.
Livermore, CA 94550
Flora Garcia, Housing Scholarship Program Coordinator and Case Manager

Ph 925.373.5313
Fax 925.373.5034

Supported through the:
City of Livermore
City of Pleasanton